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Since the launch of Google Maps 15 years ago, people ’s interest in searching for “local” and “near me” has increased 350 times. Every month, Google searches 5 billion searches for restaurants, 1 billion searches for clothing stores, 600 million searches for hair salons and beauty salons, and 5 million searches for cafes! Behind this reflects the significant and radical evolution of users’ online search-the rise of the localized market.

In 2018, Uberall in the United States conducted a survey of 1,000 smartphone users and found that 82% of smartphone users have “near me” keywords in their search behavior. ), Entertainment (56%), financial banking (50%), apparel (41%), health care (38%).

In 2015, Google launched my business, Google My Business (GMB), which freely provides very valuable localized search traffic to large, medium, and small businesses. As long as you enter Google My Business, you will get more accurate traffic.

Why Choose Us

You can choose user country language & gender

The language of the country where the account is located can be specified, including Chinese Simplified, Traditional, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Malaysia and other languages. If you have special needs, you can choose the user’s gender.

Customizable review content

Merchants can use their favorite comment content to publish, as far as possible to make the content true and natural. If you don’t have time to write content, we can also help you write simply content.

Can upload some pictures

You can upload a certain number of pictures for free, especially high-definition quality pictures, so that the content of the five-star review looks more natural.

Only provide positive reviews

We do not provide negative reviews and encourage merchants to compete positively. If some marketing companies are willing to provide negative review services, it means that they can also sell negative reviews to your competitors, which in turn attack your business.

Service Price

  • Google regular user account $5 USD / Review
  • Google Local Guide account $10 USD / Review

Service Process

  • Customers provide store links, target scores, number of reviews,  language
  • Pay for your order (We accept WeChat, Alipay, PayPal,USDT)
  • Customers provide review content, pictures
  • Begin execution
  • Customer verify & complete


1. Will my listing be closed if I buy Google reviews?

Google reviuew is relatively safe, Google won’t suspend account. If Google suspend listing due to reviews, we can directly rely on this to collect protection fees.

2. Will Google review drop? Will it be compensated if it is deleted?

Google merchant reviews are currently stable. To ensure the authenticity of reviews, our users are currently active users, and there may be a small number of reviews falling. This is normal. In addition, we promise to make up for free within 2 months, and we will try our best to make up in 2 months.

3. What is the difference between buying regular user reviews and local guide reviews?

Local Guide is a high-quality user, and its authenticity and credibility are higher than ordinary users, and its review content is easier to rank in the front; in terms of extra points, Local Guide users are higher than ordinary user reviews. In addition, we give priority to additional services such as uploading pictures and likes to the Local Guide.

4. How long can it be completed after the order is placed?

Google merchants in different regions have different online and offline traffic, which determines the number of reviews they can carry. Generally, we have to look at the store’s own situation before deciding on the delivery rhythm. Customers can also specify the completion time. If an official algorithm update is encountered, a certain degree of delay will occur.

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